Montag live im Pappelgarten:

Montag, 05.02.24 ab 19.30 Uhr


Songwriter Duo aus Argentinien

Eintritt frei, Spenden erwünscht

Arrecife ist nicht nur die Hauptstadt von Lanzarote, es bedeutet übersetzt Riff - und in diesem Fall ein musikalisches: Arrecife sind zwei Gitarren, zwei Stimmen, jede Menge Gefühl, ein paar Covers und vor allem eigene Songs. Genießt die Brandung und lasst Euch umspülen von den Gefühlen ihrer Musik. Freut Euch auf einen Abend zum träumen und genießen mit  gefühlvollen argentinischen Balladen...  

Arrecife is a singer-songwriter duo formed by Daniel Schneck and Lena López, musicians and music teachers from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The duo plays their own songs and a popurri of argentinian popular music.

The project has “the song”, guitars and voices as protagonists.

The atmosphere is intimate, acoustic and heartfelt. 

This tour is part of Arrecife's first album promotion, just published and available online.


About the musicians

Daniel Schneck is a guitarist, tuba player, composer and music teacher. He

formed and is part of various musical groups such as Arrecife, Diez de Centolla (tango), Jivers (vocal swing), Todopoderoso Popular Marcial, Florencio Varela Municipal Symphony Orchestra and the “El Guitarrazo” Guitar School Orchestra of Argentinian popular music.

“Las canciones del caracol” (“The songs of the snail”) is the name of his

solo project, grouped in a set of 4 EPs (Fuego / Infinito / Exorcismo / Verde)

of his own songs on guitar and voice. In 2024 his second album inspired by books of argentinian contemporary writers will be published.

Lena López is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and music teacher. She formed:

Dominga, a song dúo; Entredichas, vocal group; El Guitarrazo, guitar

orchestra, etc. She is in the pre-production process of her first solo album,

with guitar and voice as the main skeleton, which includes the songs that

are part of Arrecife's repertoire. At the same time, she delves into

the work of creating “versions” of songs, through a process of translating

each song into its own language and sound and expressive

perspective. Part of this repertoire will also be included in the concerts with

the duo.